Saturday, December 24, 2011


Duly stamped signed and Executed document

By Notification issued in the Tamilnadu Government Gazette No.6 dated 14.2.2001, under Part II Section 2, the Registration Act, Amendment No.28/2000 has been notified:

It requires the claimant of the Sale Document also to sign in the sale deed and also appear before the registering officer for registration of the sale deed.
Copy of document in the registration copy form (In STAR Offices, this is not required)
NOC from local bodies concerned for the registration of document conveying Land converted as house site without the approved layout.
Patta Transfer application with court fee of Rs.5/- duly filled and signed
Form 60 Statement in case PAN/GIR Number not provided in the document , if the value of the property exceeds Rs.5/- lakhs.
Required registration fees, duplicate registration fees, sub-division fees etc.,
Receipts shall be given by the Registering officer for all amounts received
Patta Pass Book - for agricultural property in Notified 9 Districts.

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