Saturday, July 21, 2012

Why should an apartment association be registered?

From the desk of Daniel & Daniel Today, having an apartment associationhas become one of the important aspects of an apartment functioning. Perhaps, there are various apartments which do not have their association registered. Due to the paperwork and initiative issues most of the apartments prefer staying unregistered. Anunregistered apartment association can cause adverse effects to the community. Importance of a registered apartment owner’s association: Since an apartment consists of a community with quite a number of people, there are increased chances of various issues piping up. In order to let peace prevail, an apartment owners association can help in solving all the related matters of a society. The issues in an apartment can be of the residents or the managing committee. Problems like the delay or disagreement to pay the maintenance, improper facility maintenance and others are common in every apartment. Also in an apartment association, it is quite difficult for the members to abide all the formalities and convince the community members with all the rules and regulations. Other issues like voting and attending the meetings are not clear among all the community members. In order to solve all of these issues, an apartment owner’s association is important in every apartment. The impact of an unregistered apartment association: As mentioned earlier, there are several issues which an apartment is exposed to. Most of the apartment members try and sort out the problems on their own or approach a court. However, they suddenly realize that their apartment association is not registered. Having an unregistered apartment association makes it difficult for the community members to file a case in the court or face any legal battles. The matter worsens even more when it is a large unregistered apartment. An apartment owners association is nothing but a group of owners of apartments acting in accordance with the bye-laws of the association. The association members can be either the apartment owner or the occupant. An apartment owner’s association registration process: An apartment owners association is formed with a minimum of seven members followed by a memorandum. The memorandum consists of the name of the society, the objects, the names, addresses and the occupation of the committee members. The bye laws, which are the most important part of forming an apartment association, are declared to every member of the community. The registration of the association is done by the filing of the bye-laws with the registrar of societies. Once the memorandum and the bye-laws are in accordance with the legal requirements, an apartment association can be registered easily. One should ensure that the memorandum and the bye laws are printed or typewritten with a signature of each member. The registration process involves nominal charges. Following are the points to be considered in order to register an apartment owners association; • Fill and submit a memorandum which consists of the name of the society, address of the owners, names of the owners, objects of the society and the occupations of the owners and the authorities. • File the precise apartment association bye-laws. The bye-laws can be changed accordingly by the members due to various circumstances. • The name of the society if not wanted can be changed at the time of registration. It is advisable that you follow and refer the bye-laws before choosing a name for your society. • The maximum time limit to register the society is just three months. Only in case of serious situations the time can be extended. • It is advised that an association has to register immediately as all the bank related operations can be done easily. To Register Your Apartment Owners Association You can Contact:- Daniel & Daniel: Helpline:- 9840802218.

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